Building People, Building Dreams, Building the Kingdom of God

Founding Pastors Tom and Bonnie Deuschle started out the ministry with a call from God upon their lives, relocating from America to the small country of Zimbabwe, then experiencing a war of independence. Armed with a vision to establish a strong Word-based church, the vision has since expanded to more than 130 churches around the world.

Pastors Tom and Bonnie Deuchle

Pastor Bonnie Deuschle is an anointed songwriter, worship leader and author. Born in Norristown, Pennsylvania and educated at Oral Roberts University, her inspirational songs minister a message of hope and her heart for praise and worship in captured in the numerous albums she has released to date.

Born in Denver, Colorado Pastor Tom Deuschle is a speaker, author and businessman with a passion to see reformation come not only to the church, but also to business, education, government and the social sector. Together with Pastor Bonnie, they are proud parents to five children and a delightful bunch of grandchildren.



  • A Culture of Service
  • A Language of Love
  • A Lifestyle of Cells
  • A Method of Teams
  • A Standard of Excellence
  • A Mandate of Action
  • A Method of Teams
  • An Attitude of Gratitude

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